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An important aim of the founders of Revive the Wye was that, at its heart, it should be a community initiative, engaging closely with local inhabitants, community groups, schools, businesses and councils. That aim has been followed successfully over the period since the partnership’s inception in 2007. Most of the RTW’s volunteers live very local to the river network. Some have known and valued the Wye since childhood. A steady build-up of active involvement by local businesses has been very encouraging, as has been the support of the local councils. The interest and response shown by community groups is very rewarding. These experiences demonstrate both the local enthusiasm for, and potential of, being part of Revive the Wye initiative. Our new Friends of the Wye supporters is building on this strength of support. 

Community Volunteering

Micklefield outreachRegular RTW volunteers were joined by young people from Micklefield Outreach to help clear accumulated rubbish from an urban stretch of the Wye. Find out more about Community Volunteering

Business Involvement

Clearing the Wye TNS Global was the first local firm to engage with RTW. Staff from TNS cleared litter from the river and opened up a silted and weeded channel, so that water once again flowed round a small island. TNS’s Director of Outsourcing said – “Our team had a brilliant day. We thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait to get back in the river again” – and they did, in the following two years!

To learn more about supporting Revive the Wye go to Business Involvement

Help us to raise funds

The partnership does not have any regular sources of core funding. It is reliant on volunteers to conduct most of its practical conservation work and support activities and on a variety of means and sources to generate funds, either directly or through partners, to undertake major projects. Individual supporters can help by becoming a member of the Friends of the Wye.

To learn about how you can help Revive the Wye please visit our donations page.


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