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Wye2754-web600Revive the Wye was started in 2007 as a joint initiative by three local environmental charities – the Chiltern Society, the High Wycombe Society and the Wycombe Wildlife Group. Their motivation was to deliver some of the aspirations for improving the River Wye contained in an Action Plan that had been developed some years earlier by Wycombe District Council and the Chiltern Chalk Streams Project.

Revive the Wye operates as a Partnership. It is not a legal entity. This has a number of advantages. For example, it enables the close involvement and support of organisations such as the Environment Agency, Wycombe District Council and other expert bodies such as the Chiltern Chalk Streams Project, without creating complicated governance arrangements. RTW’s achievements would not be possible without the expertise supplied by employed staff from these organisations.

Revive the Wye is managed by a Steering Group formed of representatives from the eight Key Partner organisations listed below. The Steering Group brings together a range of expertise from third sector and public sector organisations in environmental conservation, planning, project management and related skills. It develops the partnership’s strategies and action plans to implement them. The Revive the Wye Steering Group is supported by an enthusiastic group of volunteers and a wide range of community and business partners. Anyone who wants to support Revive the Wye and the work it does can do so by becoming a member of the Friends of the Wye supporters group.

Key Partners represented on the RTW Steering Group

Some members of the RTW Steering Group

Some members of the RTW Steering Group

Chilterns Chalk Streams Project
Chiltern Rangers
Chiltern Society
Environment Agency
Friends of the Wye
High Wycombe Society
Wycombe District Council
Wycombe Wildlife Group

Overriding Aim

The Partnership’s overriding aim is to protect and improve the natural environment of the River Wye and to make it a special place that people can enjoy and in which wildlife can flourish.

Improving the natural habitats of the River Wye, its adjacent corridor and its back streams and its tributaries, is a major focus of the Partnership’s activities. Other key aims are to improve public access to the River, to research and record the river’s rich industrial and social heritage and to make people of all ages more aware of the river’s many attributes.

Community Engagement

Clearing the WyeAt the heart of the Partnership is the recognition that Revive the Wye is a community project. The Wye is an important Chilterns chalk stream and therefore a key element of the Chilterns’ landscape and heritage. It is also a major artery of High Wycombe and the other settlements through which it flows and around which those communities have grown and prospered over many centuries.

Citygate employees and RTW volunteers clearing the river on Citygate premises

Citygate employees and RTW volunteers clearing the river on Citygate premises

The Partnership wants the local communities within the Wye’s catchment area to be fully engaged in helping to achieve the project’s aims. It closely liaises and cooperates with the local councils whose areas contain the River Wye’s network of streams and it works with an increasing number of local community groups and businesses that share the Partnership’s aims and want to help look after their local river-scape.

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