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Business Partners

Citygate - a company supporting Revive the Wye

Citygate – a company supporting Revive the Wye

RTW has been extremely successful in engaging with local businesses that regard supporting RTW projects as a worthwhile means of contributing to the local community and helping to enhance its environment.  In 2016 RTW Task leaders were involved in conservation volunteering events with groups from RAF High Wycombe, Beckman Coulter (two events) and CALA Homes. All businesses enjoyed their activities and expressed an interest in another event in 2017. Quite apart from supporting such activities as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies, most companies report that conservation work party activities have had a very positive impact on team building.

Sytner employees working on Kingsmead

Sytner employees working on Kingsmead

There are a variety of different ways in which businesses can support RTW, for example, by providing funding for equipment, helping to promote RTW, sponsoring an interpretation board, providing facilities for meetings, engaging in events, donating to specific projects. Two well-known High Wycombe firms whose facilities are next to the Wye have also taken on looking after the river next to their properties.

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Community Partners

Community partners include local councils, educational institutions, residents associations, local interest groups etc.

RTW encourages local organisations and neighbourhood groups to help look after their own stretches of the river network by conducting litter picking parties or participating in conservation events. Chepping Wycombe and Wooburn and Bourne End parish councils have contributed to the provision of interpretation boards in their parishes and fielded volunteers for conservation events, some arranged by themselves.

Teams of volunteers from Wycombe Friends of the Earth and Wycombe Wildlife Group have conducted annual rubbish clearance of the Hughenden Stream by Morrisons supermarket for several years now. Morrisons have taken on the responsibility for the disposal of the rubbish removed from the streambed.

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