Since its formation in 2007, the Revive the Wye Partnership has initiated and supported a wide range of projects aimed at improving both the quality of the River Wye and its associated water bodies and the attractiveness of their spatial settings. The Partnership has also made a significant contribution to several major river improvement projects led by Wycombe District Council and, through the planning system, to influencing the environmental outcomes of a variety of planning applications having river-related impacts. RTW volunteers play an important role in delivering some of the ‘soft engineering’ elements of development projects, as well managing river habitat improvement projects which the Partnership has initiated itself. Our volunteers also carry out a number of educational and awareness projects. Some projects are separately initiated and managed by the RTW key partners. Our new ‘Friends of the Wye’ supporters group is now taking the lead in organising some of RTW’s community engagement projects.

The sections below summarise some of the projects which RTW or its key partners have led or influenced in during recent years:

Major projects

Other river improvement projects

Habitat management and improvement

Education and awareness

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