Where We Work

Most of the work of the Revive the Wye partnership is focussed on the River Wye itself and its network of tributaries, streams and other water bodies to which it is connected, together with their immediate surroundings which form an integral part of the river corridor’s environmental landscape. Our volunteer conservation and educational events are all conducted within this area. Some are conducted in association with other organisations, such as the National Trust, which owns land through which both the Wye and the Hughenden Stream flow.

These waterscape areas are all within the administrative boundaries of High Wycombe Town and the two upstream and two downstream parishes either side of High Wycombe (see map below).

River Wye Parishes 3-300px

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Some of the wildlife and river awareness walks we arrange are run in co-operation with other charities such as the Chiltern Society, High Wycombe Society, the Flackwell Local Area History Group and local wildlife groups. These sometimes include areas of countryside or of local historical interest in the wider Wye Valley corridor.

Occasionally, the partnership engages in studies and evaluations which go beyond this immediate area into the wider Wye Valley catchment area; for instance, when we work with the Environment Agency on matters relating to water drainage or run-off from agricultural land.

Interactive Map

The aerial view below is fully interactive and can be opened in a new browser window. We have placed map markers on the aerial view to show points of interest and activities along the River Wye.

To use the map below, click on a marker to find information about it.

Please note : The map is currently under development and this is a test example.


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