Days and days of balsam bashing

Over the last few years we have succeeded in removing vast swathes of Indian balsam from the river banks mostly on WDC land, all the way from the Fire Station to Wooburn. Every year there are smaller and smaller patches of new growth, all in difficult to reach places. Because of the danger of working in deep water and awkward places, we have not been able to run ‘balsam bashing’ volunteer days. Instead, two of our Volunteer work party leaders and an enthusiastic volunteer who is used to working (fishing) in deep water, and in one case a Wycombe Wildlife Group member, have spent many days clearing all the reported patches.

The following areas have been cleared:

July 16th  The Rye
July 24th  Wye Dean, Pizza Hut, Bucks Free Press, Boundary Park, Glory Mill
to Holtspur
July 25th  Wooburn Park, Wooburn Town
July 29th  Kingsmead, Wooburn Park
July 31st  Kingsmead

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