Purchase of new tools funded by Friends of the Wye

We are pleased to announce that Friends of the Wye have donated £200 to buy new gloves and secateurs for Revive the Wye volunteer work parties. New secateurs will be welcome by all the volunteers who have recently struggled with ones that stick or don’t work, and people who venture into the river wearing waders will now have proper elbow length pond gloves, so will keep their hands dry. As well as that, we can throw out the 9 PVC left hand gloves which have no matching right hands.

With a small top-up from RTW funds we are able to buy the following :

12 pairs of Wolf-Garten secateurs
24 red PVC gloves
6 pairs elbow length pond gloves

All of this will be very welcome to our regular volunteers who I’m sure will want me to pass on their thanks to Friends of the Wye

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