Our Vision


There is no end to the Revive the Wye project.  The underlying purpose of the project is to make the Wye an enduring special place that future generations will continue to enjoy and care for so as to protect an increasing richness of wildlife.

The vision we are working towards can be described as The River Wye Tomorrow. We hope it will look like the following:

The River Wye Tomorrow

  • The traditional characteristics of a Chilterns chalk stream will be evident and sustainable along the length of the River Wye and the Hughenden Stream.
  • The EA’s (Environment Agency) ‘Good Ecological Status’ standard is sustainable year-on-year for the non-winterbourne lengths of the River Wye and Hughenden Stream.
  • As much of the river as possible will have been deculverted  and enhanced with natural bankside vegetation and wildlife habitats.
  • Invasive vegetation and other non-natural waste will have been reduced to a minimal level that can be easily controlled.
  • All man made obstacles along the river have either been removed or bypassed to allow free passage of fish and other river-borne species along the length of the river.
  • The River Wye Corridor has become a quality local destination for frequent visits by families and other local people for recreational walking, relaxation and experiencing the natural environment on their doorstep.
  • Access to the non-winterbourne parts of the river corridor has been substantially improved such that there is no section of the river longer than 1/2 km where no public access is possible.
  • The River Wye and its tributaries have become a recognised place of learning, particularly for young people, about chalk streams and their wildlife.
  • All local communities along the Wye, including riverside businesses, have a strong sense of ownership of their local river and pride in its history.
  • Householders with properties alongside the river will have been encouraged to maintain a natural frontage onto the river.
  • All new and re-development in close proximity to the river will have been sympathetically designed and landscaped  to a high environmental standard reflecting the need to protect and enhance the river’s natural corridor and its wildlife.
  • A strong enthusiastic force of volunteers will be engaged in conserving the chalk stream characteristics of the river, its corridor, its tributaries and backwaters and in promoting awareness of their history and special qualities.

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