Wye Dene river clearance

On Saturday 13th June, a small number of local residents turned up by the Wye where it flows through the Wye Dene housing development, to remove some of the rubbish from the river. A RTW volunteer task leader attended in the capacity of task leader, trainer and advisor, the idea being that the local residents would be able to organise and undertake similar tasks themselves when they felt they were ready to do so. Following the good practice of working upstream, so that objects on the riverbed are not obscured by disturbed silt, a decision to start where a path, regularly used by Wye Dene residents, leaves the Wycombe Marsh Retail Park resulted in some very bulky items of rubbish being taken out of the river. The afternoon went very quickly, and there was insufficient time to remove all the rubbish in the river, so it was agreed to concentrate on the most obvious items, and arrange another task at a later date.
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