Clean Up of the Back Stream in Loudwater by Revive the Wye and other Volunteers

Revive the Wye volunteers have just been joined by volunteers from  Loudwater Forum and St Peter’s Church in tasks on 8th, 10th and 17th November to improve the back stream alongside Kingsmead Road, and the Wye within boundary park. around 50 volunteers were involved over the three half day tasks.
The work was very labour intensive.  Some  involved removing vegetation – mainly brambles to reveal the fence beside the road and give views of the river. Other people worked in the river which was fast flowing in places and deep with a very silty unstable bed.  Two of the experienced river workers managed to each get a wader full of water during their efforts. The banks were steep and river vegetation had to be handed up through cut channels to volunteers who then had to remove it quite a distance to the rubbish pile.

Thanks go to all those involved, including Chepping Wycombe Parish Council which made this work possible by agreeing to fund the removal of the green and other waste generated by the task following its completion.

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