Water in the Rye Dyke is looking blue/green

Water in the Dyke looks blue/green

Blue-green algae (Cyanobacteria)
Blue-green algae grow in warm, slow-moving or still waters and form a bloom in the water, often coloured blue or green, which makes it difficult to see into the water. Although some species are non-toxic, others can cause a variety of adverse health affects, including damage to the liver or nervous system, and can be fatal to dogs and people.

When the wife of one of Revive the Wye’s Steering Group members saw what appeared to be blue-green algae in the Dyke on the Rye in High Wycombe, she was obviously very concerned, as was her husband who went and took photographs of the blooms and circulated them to other Steering Group members including the Environment Agency (EA) representatives. The EA took this matter very seriously and arranged for the water to be tested as a matter of urgency. Everyone was surprised and pleased to hear that the tests had found no algae present in the affected water and that it was thought the unusual condition of the water was a result of calcium carbonate precipitation during the recent dry weather reducing light penetration in the water.
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