News from Chepping Wycombe Parish Council

Chepping Wycombe Parish Council has told us that, during the winter, the council had to alert the EA to a number of blockages in the RIver Wye and Marsh Brook that run through the parish (caused by fallen trees and other debris that could have resulted in localised flooding). It was good to hear that they thought the response from the EA was ‘magnificent’. This summer the council hopes to continue using Community Payback groups to further improve the banks and river bed of the two streams. They will also continue the programme of removing Japanese Knotweed from those parts of the River Wye started by the council in 2013 . For this work they use a specialist, licensed contractor, who injects each cane with a measured dose of suitable, approved weedkiller. The largest infestation treated in 2013 was along the bank at the Loudwater Boys Club, opposite the council’s recreation ground in Boundary Road, Loudwater. The council will be monitoring the impact of treating these invasive plants.

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