Land adjacent to the Verco site, Chapel Lane High Wycombe

An exhibition will be held by Taylor Wimpey and Verco at The Millbrook Combined School and Nursery in Mill End Road between 3pm and 8pm on Tuesday 9th September, to show their latest proposals to build about 100 new homes on part of the Verco site.

One of the aims of the Revive the Wye Partnership is to open up stretches of the River Wye and its back-streams wherever practicable. We also want to see more public access to the river and its tributaries. Development of this site should enable such opportunities to be achieved.

We hope that local residents and Friends of the Wye will visit the consultation exhibition to be held on 9th September, if able to do so, and let the developers know how important they feel it is for the development to reveal as much as possible of the water courses that cross the Verco site and to ensure that they are set within suitably landscaped corridors that will help provide increased natural habitats along the Wye and its tributaries and also public access along the revealed water courses.

If you can not get to the exhibition, we understand that the developers will be putting the exhibition material on the following website for a period and will welcome comments.

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