Funges Meadow Nature Reserve

Funges Meadow Nature Reserve (off Bowden Lane, High Wycombe) borders the main back stream to the River Wye, which itself passes within 30m of the Reserve. It is a small urban nature reserve owned by Wycombe District Council and managed by Chiltern Rangers, both are RTW Partners. RTW has secured external funding which will enable the Chiltern Rangers to carry out a number of habitat improvements to the reserve and provide a new pond dipping platform for wildlife education purposes. These new developments should be completed before the summer. They will enable RTW, by agreement with Chiltern Rangers, to develop Funges Meadow as a centre for environmental awareness about the Wye and also for practical training for its volunteers and supporters group (Friends of the Wye). Access to Funges Meadow is controlled by arrangement with Chiltern Rangers to RTW and other local community groups with which Chiltern Rangers work.
Follow this link to see more about Funges Meadow 
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