Concerns over the sewage discharge into the Hughenden Stream

Everyone is aware that persistent rain this winter has caused quite tragic problems for people in various parts of the country, including residents along the Thames. Residents in Hughenden have had a different but similarly unpleasant experience as the wettest winter on record has meant that Thames Water’s sewer network, which is only designed to take away wastewater from homes and businesses, has been overwhelmed with floodwater. Thames Water was quoted as saying that groundwater in the area was exceptionally high and was causing their sewers to discharge.

Sewage flooding the roads and footpaths in parts of Hughenden Valley led to concerns over public health. To alleviate this risk, Thames Water pumped the sewage into the Hughenden Stream, leading to further concerns both for fish and humans. The Environment Agency has put a pollution monitoring logger into the stream to monitor the impact of the sewage and to check pollution levels have not breached legislation

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