A new supporter from Staffordshire

We were contacted by a lady who was visiting Bucks for Easter and wanted to know where she could get access to the river Wye using her mobility scooter. We were able to give her a few ideas and have just had this message from her:

Many thanks for your help re access to the Wye in my mobility scooter. We went to the Rye park this morning and ‘walked’ along the river. We could see some of the work your group has been doing on the banks. We were amazed at the clarity of the water given the recent rainfall. Here (in Staffordshire) the rivers are full of silt and run-off from the arable fields making the rivers very cloudy. It was nice to see the variety of plants including water-crowfoot and some we did not recognise but photographed so that we can attempt identifications. So to summarise, many thanks a) for the info and b) for the work on the river.We enjoyed our visit and have told my family of your work.’

It’s good to know we were able to help and has made us think – we are already working on walks around the Wye and we could extend this to include walks for people with mobility problems.

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